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WASHINGTON D.C.: Incentives Drive Schools to Share Talent Data 

In Washington, D.C., schools are putting aside competition and sharing talent data so they can better understand the challenges they face. What started as a program for some D.C. local education agencies (LEAs) to streamline compliance requirements now includes DCPS and almost all charter schools in the city. Entering its third year, the DC Staffing Data Collaborative is thinking beyond compliance to help LEAs strategize to address individual and shared talent challenges.

In D.C., all LEAs are federally required to submit data, which are then sent to the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE). Through the Collaborative, OSSE partners with TNTP, which acts as a research intermediary to collect data, develop individualized reports for participating LEAs, and submit aggregated data to OSSE.

Participation in the program is voluntary but there are benefits—like schools getting financial support to administer the school culture survey and consolidating six separate data submissions per year to one per year.

Now entering year three, the Collaborative believes it has enough data to identify trends that can drive citywide strategy. The group plans to have regular meetings to discuss shared challenges with LEA members and hopes to involve pipeline providers so they can adjust strategy in response to the data.

The program serves as an example of how a city once beset with fierce competition has found ways to leverage existing structures and use the right combination of incentives and support to get almost full participation in a voluntary program.

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