Citywide Education Progress Reports

SAN ANTONIO: Recruiting Talent with Relocation Stipends

In the past, district and charter leadership in San Antonio have viewed talent as a competitive enterprise. However, a recent initiative uses a collaborative approach to teacher and leader recruitment. Educate210 pays teachers to travel to San Antonio for interviews and then offers a moving stipend to those who land jobs. The initiative collaborates with city agencies and local businesses to offer rent reductions and retail discounts. Relocation support, one of the key features of Educate210, is highly correlated with increasing minority representation in the teacher workforce.

This initiative is part of other efforts to address a key challenge in San Antonio: recruiting and retaining teachers and leaders. Other efforts include partnerships with the Relay Graduate School of Education and Trinity University. Combined, the organizations operate three lab schools that provide on-the-job training to teachers and leaders—district or charter.

The Educate210 online portal provides an innovative solution to attract talent. The portal can also provide data about who is applying to schools and what incentives matter most. Key next steps for San Antonio include projecting talent needs citywide and aligning training with the subject areas of highest need.

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