Citywide Education Progress Reports

PHILADELPHIA: Training School Leaders to Improve Student Outcomes, Teacher Recruitment, and Their Own Skills

A group of leaders from district, charter, and parochial schools is taking steps to improve instructional practice and learn from one another through the Philadelphia Academy of School Leaders. The initiative, now in its fourth year, has trained more than 60 principals to improve their craft over the course of a two-year program tailored to the specific context of Philadelphia schools.

Leaders share strategies for addressing common problems, including teacher retention and student absences, alongside a professional development curriculum focused on leadership essentials.

Participants in the program report a higher principal retention rate than leaders in comparable schools. These successes have led to increased collaboration between the nonprofit, SDP, and other cross-sector talent pipeline efforts like PhillyPLUS. Together, these programs are beginning to partner more formally to build mutual understanding and create pathways for effective teaching and leadership in all schools.

View Philadelphia’s citywide education progress report.

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