Citywide Education Progress Reports

NEW YORK CITY: NYCDOE’s Alliance with Strong CMOs Helps Teachers and Students Thrive

New York city is home to tense politics between the charter and district sectors on issues like charter school access to facilities. However, several cross-sector efforts that started a decade ago have continued to expand over the last few years.

The NYCDOE’s Office of School Design and Charter Partnerships supports school-to-school work on problems of practice—restorative justice, instructional practice for ELLs, math instruction—between sets of neighborhood district and charter schools, and for charter and district schools colocated in the same building. Several district superintendents have received small grants to initiate local districtwide projects to help educators and leaders meet, share, and break down misconceptions.

NYCDOE has two growing partnerships with high-performing CMOs: Uncommon Schools and KIPP. Uncommon Schools holds weekend workshops to share their “Teach Like a Champion” curriculum with DOE teachers, and KIPP has partnered with the DOE to extend their Summer Bridge program to DOE students from Upper Manhattan and the Bronx.

In such a large city, these efforts are just the first steps toward systemwide coordination. But education leaders express hope that, below the surface of the political battles that dominate the news cycle, educators are growing their practice in recognition that all types of schools have something to contribute to support students.

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