Citywide Education Progress Reports

NEW ORLEANS: Teacher Council Guides Talent Strategies

A group of 36 teachers from across New Orleans are being tapped to provide input on district strategy and teacher pipeline development. The Teacher Advisory Council is the last of three advisory bodies established by the Orleans Parish School Board (OPSB)—the others are student and parent councils.

The council has already been asked to give input on the district’s strategic plan. Their main work, however, is to partner with system leaders on improving teacher pipelines. Teachers on the council will administer surveys at their schools so system leaders will know the supports teachers want and the struggles they face. Especially important is identifying differentiated supports teachers need, depending on how long they have been teaching, and other factors. Then OPSB and the council’s partner,  New Schools for New Orleans, can develop strategies to leverage existing supports or create new recruitment and development pipelines.

While this work is just beginning, there is also hope that the council can help break down silos, both between teachers and with system leaders. Teachers across different charter networks and neighborhoods will work together. OPSB also wants to use the council to help teachers understand their role in the larger system and know which levers they can pull when they want to see change.

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