Citywide Education Progress Reports

KANSAS CITY: Nonprofits Play a Key Role in Education

Kansas City has a number of active nonprofits and foundations working to improve the city’s public schools. This growing community includes several education nonprofits that co-rent an office space and work on a range of issues from improving reading proficiency to providing fellowships to innovative educators.

Show Me KC Schools, a nonprofit founded by a local parent, helps families make sense of the schooling options available to them across traditional district schools, district magnets, public charter schools, or private schools.

Show Me KC Schools hosts an online school guide that provides families with information about school academic performance, curriculum, after-school programs, transportation options, and special education services. A helpful feature allows families to compare up to four schools at a time. Show Me KC Schools also hosts school fairs and school tours and offers one-on-one support to families who need help choosing a school.

Show Me KC Schools has plans to increase the accessibility of its school guide and the support it provides directly to families. A print version of the guide is planned for fall 2017.

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