Citywide Education Progress Reports

INDIANAPOLIS: Incentivizing Excellent Teachers to Mentor Peers and Teach More Students

In the 2017-18 school year, 15 IPS schools began to implement Opportunity Culture, a program that provides higher pay to effective teachers in exchange for mentoring teachers or instructing more students.

Unlike in many schools, where good teachers may move into honors or advanced courses that teach fewer students, the Opportunity Culture program incentivizes effective teachers to reach as many as a third more students. In keeping with IPS’s school autonomy strategy, school teams chose an Opportunity Culture model from a menu of options developed by the nonprofit Public Impact.

Education leaders in IPS are hopeful that the strategy can bolster teacher recruitment and retention efforts. One school in the program hopes that it will help them retain effective teachers who, like in many district or charter schools, leave urban classrooms to pursue teaching opportunities in other schools or school administration positions.

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