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HOUSTON: Nonprofit Uses Census Data to Help First-Generation Latino Families Navigate School Options

White students in Houston are disproportionately represented in the city’s highest-performing schools: although they make up 10% of the student population, white students are 3 times more likely than Latino students to be in high-performing K–8 schools.

In 2017 the Texas nonprofit organization Children at Risk expanded its services to help first-generation Latino families understand and navigate the school system.

Children at Risk used census data to find the areas with the highest proportion of Latino households and low-performing schools. Then its staff worked with community groups already active in those neighborhoods to train families to identify a quality school and understand their options for out-of-neighborhood transfers.

Children at Risk hopes to broaden its impact in the future. This will start by learning lessons from the 2017 pilot—like incentivizing families to attend workshops by providing child care, food, and transportation.

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