Citywide Education Progress Reports

ATLANTA: Working with Principals as Funds Increase for Schools with Highest-Needs Students

Since instituting the Charter System of Schools in 2016, APS has been slowly rolling out school-level control over budgeting. Starting in the 2018-19 school year, schools with the highest-needs students will receive more money to support them: 33% of funds will go directly to traditional district schools using a student-based allocation formula.

An open process helped develop buy-in from principals. APS held meetings over six months with school and district staff to define the role of the principal and identify appropriate funding weights. Once the formula was set, the district provided training to principals and school-based Go Teams. Moving forward, APS recognizes that it will need to collect data to understand how principals are using their funds. The district must also continue to support school staff, especially program managers, to help them understand their new roles.

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