Blue Valley Center for Advanced Professional Studies

Overland Park, KS




Bioscience & Animal Health, Engineering, Human Services, Health Care, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Business Technology Media


District CTE Program
  PROGRAM Description

CAPS launched in 2009 and has since grown to a network of schools operating across 12 states. It is open to any student in 11th and 12th grades living within the Blue Valley School District attendance boundaries and there are no required prerequisites. CAPS offers a semester-long program with the possibility of continuing in the same pathway or switching to another. Students spend three out of seven periods at CAPS immersed in a professional learning culture. CAPS pathways are aligned to high-growth, high-demand careers in the immediate area, adding relevance to coursework in the student’s home district. By partnering closely with local industries, curricula is also aligned with competencies that industries care about. All courses offer high school credit and most offer college credit. CAPS is an example of how innovative ideas can spread to serve large numbers of students.

  OUTCOMES ANd access

The Kansas Department of Education does not report outcomes data for CAPS because it is a part-time program. The Blue Valley district outperforms the state in proficiency and graduation rates. CAPS is currently partnering with outside evaluators to measure longitudinal impact. About 9 percent of students in the Blue Valley District are economically disadvantaged. The CAPS program is open enrollment.

  work-BASED learning opportunities
CAPS helps coordinate optional internships that are short-term, semester-long, or summer-long.